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Modern Intelligent & Affordable Protection

Key Contol

with             technology


Key Control Demo



  • RFID Staff fobs provide security for the key box and a feeling of added accountability for staff

  • Know who accessed your key box and why a key was removed

  • Know how long the key was out down to the minute​


Smart Features

  • Data stored in Microsoft

  • Battery Backup included

  • State of the art technology with touch screen access (you don't have to pay extra for our touchscreen access)

  • RFID fobs attached to keys and onboard RFID reader for easy tracking

  • Advanced boxes come with key slots equipped with sensors and LED lights for added ease and protective measures

Hassel Free

  • No more complicated key log binders

  • No more re-keying doors because of lost keys

  • User friendly Computer Software with history logs and up-to-date information

  • Use RezVISIT to set up a list of keys ahead of time for pest control specialists and other vendors to pull for their next visit



  • Single and multiple box systems to fit smaller and larger communities.

  • Why pay more when you can enjoy all the same technology plus additional features at half the cost of competitors.

RezKEYS Information

  • RezKEYS Advanced System  (Please Request a Quote for Pricing)

    • Touch screen key control panel with RFID receiver

    • RFID fobs for staff to know who checked out a key

    • RFID fobs for all key box keys for easy access and reliable tracking

    • Linked key boxes with 256 LED slots each for easy key retrieval and the ability to return to any open slot

      • most communities will need 1-2 boxes, but up to 8 can be added

    • UPS battery backup included

    • Installation included for a limited time

We have a new phone app that  makes tracking and finding keys even easier!

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