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Pest Control Companion Tool


Pest Control

Tracking & Analytics

Add service requests and print out a list of apartments with requests for the Pest Control technician.

Connect to Our RezKEYS key box to program the corresponding keys ahead of time to be pulled upon arrival.

Maximize your Pest Control financial resources with our tracking and analytic tools. Track your full history of all pest services and quickly identify specific problem locations on property.


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Should anyone attempt to cancel a lease due to pest issues, you will now have access to a specific unit's history.

No more wasting time flipping through a binder to gather needed documents before going to court.

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Maximize Pest Control Visits with RezKEYS

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Save time each and every week as each service request is communicated to your RezKEYS key box. 


Your your staff no longer has to waste valuable time searching for keys or writing down key fob numbers on the technician sheet.

Upon arrival of the tech, the pre-programmed keys are ready to be pulled.

The printed tech form auto-fills the matching unit and key fob numbers.

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